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However this “old blog” has

good archives about Real English and

the Deaf, the Webheads (1) and (2),

Real English Victiom of Extreme Plaigiarism

and other items of interest to

ESL EFL students & teachers,

especially Real English users ūüôā

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Say it! Listen to yourself. Listen to your teacher. Say it again.

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The New Open Source Recorder

The New Open Source Recorder

The Real English lessons now include a Record function. I have found very useful places for it so far in every exercise in lessons 1 to 7, and right after I finish writing this post, I will continue this job, beginning with lesson 8 and will continue until all the many hundreds of Real English exercises include this function.

Students now will speak. “Say it!” they are reminded, every step of the way. They listen to the teacher speaking in the exercise, or the interviewer and the person answering the questions in the video, and are again reminded Say it!

They record themselves. They listen to themselves, and then they listen to the model (the “teacher audio” or the video), and then once again record themselves, in a pleasant cycle of acquisition, without forgetting to type, or click, or drag in the exercise where they are working!

Thanks to generous Open Source folk who make tools like this, we can all offer our students more and more. Check out any lesson between 1 and 7 to see it in action. Requires Java. Here’s an example of its use on the Real English site. Support is here.

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I hope it works!

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ronaldoRonaldo Mangueira Lima J√ļnior is from Brazil. His Bolg is called I hope it works!¬†He’s finishing his work on an MA in Applied Linguistics. He just wrote the most insightful review of Real English that I’ve ever read. As an EFL teacher in Brazil, he has the same problem that I have teaching EFL in France, and which many other sprouting digerati/teachers of the EFL world¬†have been¬†experiencing for many years.

Here’s Ronaldo’s review of Real English.

He brings up two very interesting questions concerning communicative language teaching and correctness, while making extremely astute observations about how these concepts are concretely related to Real English video.

Although he points out that he is a “non-native teacher teaching in a non-native country” (definitely EFL), he writes a lot better than most native-English speakers. Very clear, very succinct.

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Hundreds of New Exercises

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ESL Video Lessons for Beginners, and extensive review material for all shades of Intermediates.

I’ve been working on new quizzes based on the Real English videos. In my opinion, they are much better than the¬†old lessons.
I began at the beginning (Lesson 1)  and so far I have finished over 100 quizzes for the first 8 lessons. In fact, lesson 8 is divided into 5 separate lessons concerning different uses of numbers, so in fact, we have 12 new complete lessons. 

I think teachers can send their beginner and intermediate students here and find that their motivation to learn English will get a boost.

I always hesitate when I use terms like “beginner” and “intermediate”, since Real English is real, and real means normal speed, which means “fast” to the ears of all learners of English as a Second or Foreign language. This is why the so called “beginner” lessons are essential review for higher levels.

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Our First 2008 Videos Now Available

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Joanne, the Interviewer, with Colonel Roberts

This is a picture of Joanne. It was the first time she interviewed for Real English. She did excellent work as a first-time interviewer.

In this picture she is interviewing Colonel Roberts. We met him between our “serious interviews”, and asked him different types of questions. It’s a fun interview¬†at, based upon what he was doing when we met him: making people do push-ups on the sidewalk in Miami Beach!

All of our latest videos are for intermediate and upper intermediate levels, which is one reason I added the versions with closed captions, making them more accessible to a wider range of levels.

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Contribute Questions for Our Next Filming Campaign

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Dennis with an IntervieweeWe will soon be filming again in South Beach, Miami, and in New York City, and this time we would like to hear from you, the users and teachers, about what sort of questions you would like us to ask. Perhaps if you just think of your students and the sort of practice they might need or enjoy, you can suggest some specific questions. 

To give you ideas of the types of questions we ask – all the videos we have made so far are here.

Here’s an example suggestion from Bruxolini, a teacher who discovered Real English via YouTube:

I’d like to see people doing sports, talking about their daily routine and schedules, what they do at work. Anything that extends vocabulary, for ex., from talking what they do, then what they do at/while work(ing).
Thanks for your interest.”

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Maira and Roberta from Belo Horizonte

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Maira on the left and Roberta on the right.We have interviewed thousands of people since we began Real English in 1992. Sometimes these people contact us after seeing themselves on our site.

This morning we received a message from Maira, who lives in Brazil. We interviewed her and her friend Roberta 4 years ago. You can see her video here on YouTube, or here on the Real English site.

Here is the message she wrote us:

Hi, I’m Ma√≠ra, the girl in the video you made on Nantucket.We didn’t know if you were going to use our interview or not, we thought it was a video for some language school in France. We were so surprised to see it here. Anyway, we liked it. And it’s nice to be one of the most viewed videos.Oh, I just loved how you guys described us: Culture Collectors. I had never thought in that way but you are right, its so me!!! I don’t know if you can understand me or if I got to express myself correctly, it just feel good think about myself as a culture collector. Thanks. I’d appreciate if you could send this message to the interviewer and the rest of the group.
They came a long way!
Like I said in the video, let me add something else… we went to Europe, one month backpacking, 10 countries even Marocco. Definitely the best trip we’ve ever had.

I was checking Real English website, its really interesting and helps people to learn about the language. Great job!


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