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New Blog at

However this “old blog” has

good archives about Real English and

the Deaf, the Webheads (1) and (2),

Real English Victiom of Extreme Plaigiarism

and other items of interest to

ESL EFL students & teachers,

especially Real English users 🙂

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Say it! Listen to yourself. Listen to your teacher. Say it again.

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The New Open Source Recorder

The New Open Source Recorder

The Real English lessons now include a Record function. I have found very useful places for it so far in every exercise in lessons 1 to 7, and right after I finish writing this post, I will continue this job, beginning with lesson 8 and will continue until all the many hundreds of Real English exercises include this function.

Students now will speak. “Say it!” they are reminded, every step of the way. They listen to the teacher speaking in the exercise, or the interviewer and the person answering the questions in the video, and are again reminded Say it!

They record themselves. They listen to themselves, and then they listen to the model (the “teacher audio” or the video), and then once again record themselves, in a pleasant cycle of acquisition, without forgetting to type, or click, or drag in the exercise where they are working!

Thanks to generous Open Source folk who make tools like this, we can all offer our students more and more. Check out any lesson between 1 and 7 to see it in action. Requires Java. Here’s an example of its use on the Real English site. Support is here.

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Webheads in Action

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Webheads in Action
Webheads in Action

December 28, 2008 – Listen to Michael Coughlin’s new song (click on play above).

Michael wrote on the Webheads YG:

“For ages I’ve wanted to write a song about being a webhead and I’ve finally had a first go at it…  It’s pretty raw at the moment as I recorded it straight on to my PC using Audacity and a standard PC mic.  Later in the (southern) summer I’ll record a better version of it.

But in the meantime consider it yours to play, sing, alter, adapt and share!
A very happy holiday season to you all, 
– Michael”.
It sounds great to me right now.  I can’t wait to hear the 120 track version!
I already told Michael I hear a Tom Petty influence (an obvious compliment), but I didn’t mention that he’s definitely singing not only my kind of music,  but also the music of my generation, and I wonder what the youngsters amongst us think of the musical aspect, the composition, as it were, as opposed to the lyrics?
(the lyrics are beyond criticism, if that is possible).


The mp3 file is on this Wikispace, in case you want to download Michael’s song like I did.

Lyrics of Michael Coughlin’s new song – A Webheads Theme (December 2008):

Webheads – all over the world
Webheads – we’re all over the world

24/7 – we’re online
It doesn’t really matter – whatever the time
Someone’s there to answer the CALL


You want to know how to do it right
Or maybe you’re lonely in the middle of the night
Someone’s there to answer your CALL


You want to join your class up across the world
Or you want an expert to talk to them live
Someone will answer your CALL


You’re going on a journey to a foreign land
Want to meet a friend there to show you around
There’ll be someone there to answer your CALL


Learning together – sharing our views
Living together – sharing our news
Always someone there – on the same wavelength


By Michael Coghlan


I updated an Introduction to the Webheads for those of you unfamiliar with us.

Who are the Webheads? What do they do?

Founded by Vance Stevens, “Webheads in Action” is the most active online community involved with computer mediated communication in the field of English as a Second or Foreign Language. Members from nearly every country on the planet are represented. Its 700+ active members represent the most robust online manifestation of the 40-year-old, 14,000 member TESOL organization. There are so many links and so much information on the internet about and by the Webheads, that it all seems a bit mind-boggling at first. In my opinion, the best way to get started is to subscribe to the main Webheads Yahoo Group and lurk for a few days to get a feel of the daily life of this community. You will find beginners and experts on various topics all mixed up in one exciting  thread after another. It’s also a very tight, caring group. Friendships run deep amongst members, so you will find almost as many personal messages as professional ones, which seems a bit strange to those who are familiar with more traditional forums. Don’t sign up if your aim is to promote a certain product or service. You probably won’t be blocked or removed in such a case, but you will be ignored. This is a place for serious self-help and professional development, with mutual sharing of resources and ideas, the more experienced always helping out the less experienced in any particular specialization, whether it be a question concerning Web 2.0 places of interest or how best to use software in the classroom…   A large percentage of members are ESL/EFL teachers, perhaps nearly half of them native speakers of English. 

Teresa d’Eça has compiled an historical account of many important moments in the life of the Group, as well as an Index of Webheads’ sites and blogs.

So if you’re a teacher interested in discovery, experimentation, and self-improvement in the realm of computer mediated communication, this is definitely a community you will want to explore.

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