Real English Victim of Extreme Plagiarism

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The smiling thiefINTERNET THIEF: This is Rodrigo Faria who has stolen my video and has made 5 CDs of Real English, changing the name of my product, Real English, to “Street Speak”, and selling my product under a false name from his site.

The proof is here in case anyone has doubts about the truth of the matter. By the time you read this, he might have finally been shamed into removing the plagiarized material from his site .

 My name is Michael Marzio and I approve this message.


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15 Responses to “Real English Victim of Extreme Plagiarism”

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Agnaldo Brites made a comment:
When I knew about Rodrigo Faria’s rip off, I just couldn’t believe it!
What a son of a…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reproduce the comments I have received by email before writing this blog entry. Many of the comments come from the Webhead Community Forum:
and from other friends of Real English.

A Brazilian friend, Marcela, wrote:
Hi Michael,
I’m just shocked! I fell terribly sorry for you and so ashamed because he is

Aiden wrote: “You have worked so hard in putting up Real English and you have been so generous to let us use your videos in our classrooms. I hope that you’d be able to get your evidence and yes, justice, too.

Cris, also Brazilian, wrote:
That’s Awful Mike!
This is really sad that people think they can take just like this.

Susana wrote:
I’m really sorry. Every Webhead has the spirit of sharing , but all of us, who use material that belongs to anybody else, explain the origin of it. That way, all of you are as famous as Rock stars in my classroom.
I’m ready to help you, just tell me how.You’ve been so generous sharing your material, you don’t deserve this attitude from Rodrigo Faria.
A hug from Argentina

Christine wrote:
This is horrible! I don’t speak Portuguese but if you can think of how I or others in the U.S. can help, please say so and consider it done.
Your wonderful work must be protected. I am truly sorry to learn about this agonizing experience.

Malila wrote:
I couldn´t believe my eyes when I read these messages. What a shame! I´m from Brazil, and I´m feeling terrible about this right now.

Rita wrote:
This is a crime, and as such, needs to be punished.
Our messages to Rodrigo and the blog where his work was aqvertised will, at least, make this criminal realize his theft is
going global. Do let me know, Mike, if there is anything I can do from Argentina.

Cintia wrote:
This is very very sad…..I feel ashamed of being a Brazilian…

Martin wrote:
Hi Michael,
Just adding a word of support to what’s already been said. I’ve been an admirer of your project for some years. It’s clear how much sustained effort has gone into its development over a number of years. It’s particularly unfair that you’ve been the victim of this plagiarism as you’ve been so generous with your own work in the past. Anyway, the incident did give me an opportunity to revive my rusty Portuguese and send off the following (no doubt fruitless) missive to Mr Faria:
Prezado Rodrigo,
Estou escrevendo-lhe so para juntar minha voz ao coro de desaprovacao provocada por sua apropriacao desonhesta e vergonhosa do trabalho feito durante anos por Michael Marcio, um profesor globalmente conhecido e respetuado. Acabei de notar que seu site pretende dar dicas de como evitar ‘passar vergonha’. Sem comentarios. O minimo que se possa ser feito seria retirar todo o conteudo roubado e publicar uma desculpa no seu site.
Esperando sua resposta (em acoes, nao so palavras)

which should read something like:
Dear Rodrigo,
I’m writing to add my voice to the chorus of disapproval of your dishonest and shameful appropriation of the work produced over many years by Michael Marzio, a teacher of global renown. I note that your site claims to give advice on how to
avoid social embarrassment. No comment. The minimum that ought to be done is to remove all the stolen content and publish an apology on your site. Looking forward to your response (in actions, not only words)

Alicia wrote:
It’s a shame that inside a group of Educators this can happen. Thanks God I guess it’s not that often. We are always open to help. This boy had no need to do this harm. He could have asked Michael and guess he would have certainly shared his work in someway. BTW, congratulations on your hard job Michael! It’s great…

Jane wrote:
“Plagiarism” seems too kind of a word–it’s more like grand theft! I sent a message as Gavin suggested.

Carla wrote:
I feel totally ashamed and wish this was not happening, mainly in my country!
On his site, Rodrigo Faria says he’s American. In fact, I think everything is fake, for from what I could hear in the beginning of the recording before he starts using your audio, he seems to have a Brazilian accent. It’s outrageous! I can’t believe what I’ve seen there…

Bee wrote:
Hi Mike,
I have sent your call for help to two friends of mine who are
journalists. Let’s hope they cover it. I will let you know what. If
they don’t, I will report him on the various Brazilian educational
lists I am a member of.
Warm regards,

Don wrote:
Use the power of the internet. Shame this person for the dishonesty and unethical behavior. The more messages the better.
Make sure every teacher, journalist and English student knows about this.

Graham wrote:
I agree with Don: This shameless crook is trying to use the Web, a place where the Webheads exert a considerable influence. Even if 10% of us blog about this we can make sure that anyone using Google to check out this scoundrel’s reputation will come across a large number of testimonials
exposing him for what he is. I also recommend leaving comments all over the blogosphere wherever appropriate.
Let us take this bad situation and make an example of it – use the power of our community turn it into a ’cause celebre’ to stop (or at least prevent or make others think twice) others from following the same path.
I’m confident we can make a wave big enough not only to overturn this guy’s boat, but to cause ripples to stop you being ripped off again.

Fernanda wrote:
Hi Mike
I imagine how you feeel about that! I have some difficulty in
understanding such kind of dishonesty. It’s perfectly outrageous!
I hope you can get the justice you deserve for your great work with RealEnglish.
If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.

That´s really terrible and 1 of the bad things about the internet. I too have had similar problems in the past. Sorry to hear that this person is stealing your hard work.

By the way, I use the material from your website in some of my classes here in Spain and the students love it.

Keep up the good work!!!


I´m Really sorry to hear that man, Im From Brazil, and was near to buy one of this Cds.It is terrible Know this kind of people who aways want to use others ones to their own benefit.
Im sure you work hard to help people around the world and I wish you never going down because of this shamelles behavior of one representant of crime.
Keep working and thank you for your good job.

Thanks a lot for your comments, Jim and Jorge,
I hate to be in this situation. I’m a naturally forgiving guy, and I feel very sorry for Rodrigo, and I wish he would simply write a public apology enabling him to get on with his life.

But he seems incapable of doing that, and keeps on writing me messages begging me to remove this blog entry and the notice on my site.

I feel like I’m persecuting the poor guy, and simply wish this never happened.


Really sad to see. Seems like a blatant rip-off. Hope you manage to convince him to comply with your request and are able to put this behind you soon – isn’t something that deserves your attention. I am sure you have better things to focus on. Good luck in dealing with this!

Kind regards from Germany,

Kip Yellowjacket

Yes, a shame, but I am a Brazilian living in Argetnina and I am amazed to see how Argies in the comments are sooooooo ready to help when in Argentina it is JUST THE SAMEEEE! Get a grip, Argies. We have a business in Argetnina and we DONT want to work with Argentines cuzz they STEAL, LIE and are not trustworthy at ALL! And we are doing GREAT.

BTW, moving to BH this next month and feeling great about it, to be among a higher density of honest people than in Buenos Aires. Yeah shit happens, but not like it does here in Buenos Aires, you bet!

Seems that the guy was punished right? The link “loja” in his website, does not work. You’ve got justice after all, seems to me.

Dont care if you post it or not, just want you to read it.


Hi, Im also from Brazil.
Man, I know these people. Dont feel sorry, they are going to be all kind and polite to you, but he is most probably an egocentric aggressive liar to most.

Just sue the guy and go to the press. Careful with the website, as he will claim its all a lie and that you are just jealous of his success. Thats why he wont show his face and wants you to remove this thread.

Good luck, and dont pity him

We know too this person and the liar that say it.
Matjaz Stalavsky ou Raul Macedo or LPAM

What a theif! Is Rodrigo Faria aware of what he has done? I think that he is so dumb that he doesn’t even know what plagiarism means. What can you legally do?

Sorry to hear this as you have worked so hard and have always been so original in all of your work.

Sad, Susan

Thanks Susan, I was overwhelmed with positive responses last October when I first discovered the extreme plagiarism. Many Brazilian webheads wrote both to the English Experts blog in São Paulo which was also a victim of Rodrigo’s plagiarism. Rodrigo certainly learned that the internet is global and that you just can’t take ans say “this is mine”. There’s nothing much else to do now, except hope it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your support. I still spend almost all my time improving my lessons for the Real english videos.

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Hi Mike!
I am so shocked to hear that!! As a brazilian I am shocked!! I will email him to let him know that he has copycat of your materials. I will also place posts on orkut to let people know he is thief here in Brazil.

Greetings from Brazil

Actually Brazil is well known for its long tradition in producing plagiarism. See a bizarre example below:

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