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Dennis with an IntervieweeWe will soon be filming again in South Beach, Miami, and in New York City, and this time we would like to hear from you, the users and teachers, about what sort of questions you would like us to ask. Perhaps if you just think of your students and the sort of practice they might need or enjoy, you can suggest some specific questions. 

To give you ideas of the types of questions we ask – all the videos we have made so far are here.

Here’s an example suggestion from Bruxolini, a teacher who discovered Real English via YouTube:

I’d like to see people doing sports, talking about their daily routine and schedules, what they do at work. Anything that extends vocabulary, for ex., from talking what they do, then what they do at/while work(ing).
Thanks for your interest.”


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10 Responses to “Contribute Questions for Our Next Filming Campaign”

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I would like more of the Real beginner videos, because most of my students are, and always have been, beginners. You seem to concentrate on verb structures, which is good, of course, but there are other parts of speech and other bits of grammar to learn.

You’re absoltely right. I tend to concentrate on verbs. Can you give some examples of actual questions which people in the street might enjoy answering, and which are also useful for your beginners?

I think the questions should be spontaneous, just like the answers. Just pick people who look interesting and ask anything that comes to mind. You can always edit everything later, right?

Yes, I do have a request, though I don’t know if it practical.

I’d like to have the interviewees asking questions. Turn the tables on the interviewers, so to speak, and ask them questions. Asking questions is difficult in English and in your movies it’s always the interviewers who ask the questions in a fairly standardised way.

Could it be possible, for example, for an interviewer to go out with a black box and have people ask questions about what was inside it?

Or maybe you have some other ideas for getting “Real English” questions from interviewees?

Thanks Glenys – that’s really the best idea I’ve heard so far (with many thanks to the 3 other teachers who have also made suggestions).

I wonder if I can push your idea even further, the interviewer will ask 3 (simple?) questions, and then ask the people we meet to
_ask the interviewer_ the same 3 questions.

Thanks again,

My interviewer friend will be trying this out with a mysterious black box under his arm.

BTW, Glenys has made some challenging dictation exercises using 10 Real English videos at her University site.

We just finished videotaping in Miami Beach and I’m beginning the logging-capture-editing process. There will soon be new videos where the interviewEES ask the questions… as well as a cool section on opinions about learning a Second Language… These will be available on the site before the end of the month.

Hi RealEnglish. I’m beginning to take interest in your sit and idea. I think it’s a good way to learn with interaction. I would suggest you make your interview a little more familiar, kind of like what you see on the light side of news on TV. Prank questions, or wacky reporters… i think that would be fun too.

Hello Master English – I like that – yes – wacky sounds good for Real English. Will keep that in mind when we go out filming next month.

Also… Have you ever considered doing your interviews in other countries? I don’t know if it’s possible for you guys but i think that would be a great addition to your project. I’m a teacher from Venezuela, so if you have any question just ask!

I didn’t know how to send you some questions for the Interviews, so I’ve made use of this space.
1. Is there a famous monument we can visit in this city?
2. Are there any good museums in this city?
3. Do you usually vist museums in this city?
4. Was there a cinema in this city in the 70’s?
5. Were there many good films on at the movies when you were a teenager?
6. What will there be in that place in front of that building?


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